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Consistently ranked as one of the world’s top travel destinations, Canada is unsurpassed for incredible natural beauty, rich cultural history, and friendly people. Located above the United States in North America, Canada borders Alaska on the west and stretches north to the Artic Ocean.

Quebec is the largest – and second most populous – of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories and is located in the east bordering the United States, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The province of Quebec is a delightful blend of European culture and contemporary North American style, and the predominant language is French. The enchanting French Canadian culture makes Quebec a charming travel destination, as well as an excellent location for outdoor adventure. Some of Canada’s most beautiful and beloved cities are located in the province of Quebec, including Montreal and Quebec City.


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Quebec City is the capital of the province, and the historic Old Quebec City area has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Montreal Quebec is actually an island situated along the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers in the south of the province and is one of the most dynamic-and popular-cities in Quebec.

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